Señorío de Segura is a company founded on 1992 by Angel Serrano Rodriguez. Its trajectory throughout these years has promoted and perfected of preparation of extra virgin olive oil with Denomination of Origin "Sierra de Segura", obtaining high-quality in all our products through a rigorous control and selection of the raw materials.

Also, the enterprising vision of seven partners has found this olive mill which project is based on integrated production and farming in order to elaborate liquid gold of unequalled quality.

Convinced that starting its own factory it is the only way to get the maximum benefit out of their work in the field. Thanks to this initiative, were in 2006 when beginning the commercialization of oils produced in the mill Los Nuevos Caraballes situated in Puerta de Segura (Jaén), within the Natural Park of the “Sierra de Segura”, Cazorla and the Villas, greatest of Europe.

Laceratum, Zumoliva and Molino de Segura are Extra Virgin Olive Oil of highest quality with inferior acidity to 0.2º, obtained by means of extraction in cold, with a 70% in oléico acid, fruity and with exceptional qualities in their scent and flavour, as well as chemical characteristics and nutritionally excellent that make them deserving of the following endorsements:

  • Denomination of Origin (Vintage Guarantee) of Sierra de Segura.
  • Certified Quality (granted to Andalucian Quality Food).
  • Product of the cultivated Natural Park to a height of 600 meters.
  • Traceable Product.
  • The escualeno, that is an anticancerigenic element, appears in our oil in a percentage of 5329 mg/Kg., whereas in best oils of the market it is between 4000 and 4500 mg/Kg. By its high content in antirust the consumption of 25 is recommended gr. of Extra Virgin Olive oil to the day (Two spoonfuls), as it contributes healthful of vitamin and, to restrain the oxidation and the aging of the cells.

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